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ZTE’s Pre5G TDD Massive MIMO 2.0 solution achieves peak speeds of 2.1Gbps, sets new world record at MWC

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Furthering its grip on 5G networking solutions, Chinese telecom giant ZTE has today demonstrated the high-speed service of its Pre5G TDD Massive MIMO 2.0 product in a multi-user scenario at Mobile World Congress 2017. And you’d be surprised to know that the said solution was able to achieve speed of 2.1 Gbps, thus setting the new single-site rate record. And the same was demonstrated at ZTE’s booth on the MWC show floor in Barcelona as well.

This amazing feat in 5G innovation has been achieved through the power-on service of ZTE’s Pre5G TDD Massive MIMO 2.0 product. It enables the telecom giant to provide an ultra-high speed connection using following techniques – 16-stream spatial division multiplexing, 3 CA (carrier aggregation), and 256 QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation). And this wasn’t as simple as might sound. The company had to overcome certain challenges in existing network connections.

The prominent conflict was faced between the surge in capacity demands and insufficient site resources. But, ZTE’s large-capacity Pre5G Massive MIMO base station was able to leverage existing sites and spectrum resources to achieve a much higher speed and capacity than current 4G networks. Also, the company has made the solution smaller by combining it with baseband unit and active antenna unit (BBU+AAU) architecture. It, thus, makes the said solution one of the most suitable for the evolution of 5G connectivity.

The manifestation of these technologies has set a new stage plus world record in Pre5G research and development. It was first released for high-end markets in September last year, with support for more frequency bands while adapting to the mainstream TDD frequency bands. But, ZTE is ready to take it a notch further as the peak traffic rate of a single site reaches 2.9 Gbps as per theoretical calculations. Their Pre5G TDD Massive MIMO 2.0 is presently available in China and Japan, with a global roll-out scheduled for later in 2017.

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