A year after acquiring Jasper for about $1.4 billion, Cisco is finally expanding its business. The company has today made a series of announcements at Mobile World Congress, outlining the platform’s expansion.

It has announced support for a low-power networking protocol called NB-IoT. This involves expanding the Control Center platform to support this range of network types in a single place. The company has partnered with Optus, an Australian company, and completed live trials of this approach.

Theresa Bui, head of IoT cloud strategy and planning at Cisco-Jasper, said,

Networks are acknowledging the pure scale that is coming out on the market and starting to cascade. They need their networks to support a whole range of use cases.

Macario Namie, head of strategy at Cisco Jasper, said that the company’s goal is to automate as much as behind-the-scenes networking technology as possible in IoT implementations.

Honda is using Jasper and Bright Box to deliver its MyHonda Connected Car platform, which uses sensors to improve maintenance and the driver experience. The IoT connected services will include vehicle information and diagnostics, maintenance scheduling and location-based notifications. Bright Box uses Cisco’s Jasper to ensure connectivity, network coverage and telematics.

Jupl is also using Jasper to deliver its Personal Emergency Response System (mPERS) to senior citizens. The company’s connected health software is managed via Jasper’s Control Center IoT platform. The platform provides them with emergency services, monitors their biometrics and health data and provides location tracking and assistance as well.

Along with Honda and Jupl, the company has announced its partnership with KT, which offers customers IoT tools and services such as connected car services based on its infrastructure.

As per the numbers provided by Cisco, from when the acquisition went final last March until today, the unit’s customer base has grown 157 percent from 3500 to 9000 enterprise customers. Also, the number of devices under management has grown from 17 million to more than 40 million, an increase of 135 percent.

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