Twitter owned live streaming app Periscope launched the Groups feature back in November last year. At the time, the company wanted the feature to be open and more a mean of getting users to broadcast to say colleagues, or family members. There weren’t many limitations and anyone who was a member of the group could add others as well. However, Periscope’s latest update is changing how things took place.

Describing the change through a medium post, Periscope said:

In response to the feedback we’ve received from our community, we’re rolling out two changes to groups: closed groups and group invites that allow you to choose which groups you join.

The company has launched a brand new update that will ensure that users can create closed groups and group invites. Under the new scheme of doing things, only the group creator will be designated administrator and only he/she will have the ability to add other members.

This setting can be modified anytime after the creation of the group and users can make a group open/close by accessing the management screen and visiting “closed group”.

The company has also added a brand new group invite feature meant to cater to people at the other end of the spectrum. That is, folks being added to random groups indiscriminately. So, if you are a Periscope user and you were finding yourself being automatically added to a pro-Trump group that played all of his speeches in a chronological order — rejoice, the torture is over.


With the brand new settings, users can chose to disable the “auto-accept group invites” setting in their profile. After this, they will be added to a group only if they receive and actually accept the invitation to join.

Meanwhile, Twitter said that it has introduced these features in direct response to the feedback it received from its users. The changes are being introduced to both Android and iOS platforms over the course of the week.

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