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LG launched its G6 smartphone at the MWC 2017, that is currently taking place in Barcelona. While the device may not be the LG flagship of 2017, it is still totally premium. Among other things the LG G6 has a huge screen with a rather unconventional 2:1 display. The company now exhibited some of the uses of the new display, that consists of two perfect squares placed on top of each other.

So how many of you remember Frontback? In case you don’t, it was a mobile app that allowed you to take pictures using your device’s front and the back camera and share the two simultaneously — with one of the pictures on the top half and the other on the bottom half of the screen. The app was pretty interesting however, it failed to pick up after an initial surge.

So, LG has introduced the feature — or something very like it — to its G6 camera, out of the box. The brand new screen ratio of 2:1 allows you to do a couple of interesting things in the camera. So for example, the square camera app allows you to to take a square picture and instantly preview it full size in the viewfinder. Handy, when you want your picture to be just right.

However, even better is the Frontback-like Match Shot feature that allows you to snap a selfie and put it on top — or bottom if that is what you would like — of another picture taken using the G6 rear camera. The two pictures form a couple of squares placed vertically in top-bottom sequence.

The feature is not earth shaking, however, it is certainly interesting to see smartphone manufacturers working hard to incorporate new, small stuff to make the overall user experience better. Meanwhile, we can expect these rear/front pictures to become the trademark of LG customers wishing to flaunt their G6 — kind of like the  mirror photo is for iPhone holders.


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