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Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk, has shared his own findings into the factory working conditions at the carmaker, in response to employee union advocate Jose Moran’s accusations, that were featured in Medium post earlier this month.

As per TechCrunch, which obtained a copy of the letter, the Tesla CEO called out the attacks on the working conditions at his company as downright false:

The tactics they have resorted to are disingenuous or outright false. I will address their underhanded attacks below. While this discussion focuses on Fremont, these same principles apply to every Tesla facility worldwide.

Musk composed a lengthy mail and sent it all his employees, through which he addressed all of the areas of concern raised by Moran,  including safety, compensation and work hours. Musk said that the claims regarding the improper safety controls remain un-obtained by both Moran’s team and  the factory in general. Rather, Musk stresses that the accident rate in his company is less than half compared to a larger auto industry on average.

Musk also took factors like compensation into account. Taking the equity-based compensation and benefits into account, Musk was able to display a considerable pay advantage as compared to other major automakers. However, the thing with stock based compensation, is that they also depend upon how well the company is doing at that particular time. Tesla shares are doing pretty well at present, although they did register a plummet, so that also reflects in the compensation.


In the context of work hours, Musk says that his company has decreased the overtime hours by 50 percent since last year and is positive to improve those numbers through  Model 3 production.

Interestingly, Musk wraps his mail with a section of “Fun,” in which he talks about the non-financial incentives on the road map like  frozen yogurt stands present all round the factory premise and the electric roller-coaster which is designed specially to help its employees move around Fremont campus in an interesting fashion — including an “optional” loop the loop.



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