Microsoft takes cyber crime very seriously. After all, as the pioneer of personal computing, the company is deeply tied with the virtual world and what takes place in it. It was also among the first to call for a digital Geneva convention for cyber warfare as well. Along the same, the company has announced a new initiative that will sell and propagate cybersecurity services to organizations across the breadth of Latin America.

Announcing the move, Microsoft said:

To reinforce its commitment to help people, companies and countries within Latin America to continue their journey towards digital transformation, Microsoft is launching a Cybersecurity Engagement Center in Mexico, part of a global initiative to present the company’s unique perspective on matters of IT security.

The center will work alongside the company’s cybercrime center in Redmond and will help companies as well as government, with getting access to advanced security solutions that will help them get online securely.

The facility will also be part of Microsoft’s wider effort in taking down criminal organizations that are operational through Botnet schemes. The new premises will also be used to encourage cybersecurity experts from Mexico and other places in the Latin America to work with Microsoft specialists while combating cyber crime.

Finally, the facility will also serve as the headquarters of a training program wherein the participants will be taught about cybersecurity. Microsoft has already said that these activities are geared toward authorities and the public sector.

While visiting the Cybersecurity center in Mexico City, Jean-Philippe Courtois, executive vice president and president, Microsoft Global Sales, Marketing and Operation, said:

The objective is to help companies and governments with security solutions, which help them in their digital transformation through the international support of the intelligence, data analysis, avant-garde forensics and legal strategies that we offer

Microsoft has also joined with the Federal Police in Mexico. The company will be participating in a government security program that will promote technological research in order to promote IT security. The research here will also be aimed towards the prevention of cybercrime.

Meanwhile, the center is well in keeping with Microsoft’s efforts to graduate into a cloud company rather than a mere hardware maker. As the world transitions to the cloud and the web, there is going to be need for security — both in terms of infrastructure, as well as personnel. The requirement will be spread across both private and government operations. With its centers, Microsoft would be well poised to meet such demands and effectively combat cyber attacks.



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