Volkswagen, Moia

Volkswagen’s e-Golf has received a significant range boost. The new 2017 version of the compact car offers you 50 percent more range with an EPA rating of 125 miles on a single charge. The news comes from Autoblog, which also cites the car’s previous range of 83 miles.

While this is still far behind what a Tesla or the Chevy Bolt could offer you, the 42 miles hike is still enough to ensure that you can take care of all the travel you would need to do on a regular day — unless of course, you live insanely far away from your workplace. Meanwhile, Volkswagen is not the only company making such changes in its previously released car models. Other companies, that started out with EVs that had lesser ranges, have worked to incorporate newer technologies into their cars — leading to an increase in range.

In fact, this seems to be becoming a trend with EVs, and it makes sense too. After all, the biggest concern we have when we buy and EV is regarding its range. I mean sure, Tesla has brought changes to the niche and electric cars are better than what they used to be. Indeed, they are almost mainstream now. However, taking an old model that wasn’t particularly popular only because of low range and giving it a boost in terms of the same, is a lot easier thancreating a car from scratch.

Meanwhile, the 125 mile range is a decided improvement and could induce more users to come on-board. For an average user who has to go to work, come back and maybe run some errands, the car now provides more than enough range. Plus the “golf” in its name quite apart (I was initially expecting a golf cart as well) the car is decidedly good looking as well. Let’s see ho consumers take to Volkswagen’s improved e-Golf.

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