Andy Rubin, the creator of the most popular smartphone OS — Android — has been planning his return to the ecosystem through his latest venture called Enterprise. With this hardware startup, Rubin has taken up the task of building devices backed by the power of artificial intelligence. And now, he is steadily bolstering his all-star team with the addition of new members who’re well acquainted with the ecosystem.

Thus, the venture has welcomed HTC’s Global Executive Vice President Jason Mackenzie to the team. This development was outed via a tweet sent out by Mackenzie himself, where he expresses his contentment in joining Rubin’s hardware venture. He is getting back to the smartphone ecosystem about a year after his departure from HTC. He spent a good twelve years at the Taiwanese giant, serving as the America President before being bumped up to the position of Executive VP.

Plus, we are not kidding when we say that Andy Rubin’s stealth venture is composed of all-star members. According to Bloomberg, the 40-member strong team working on Enterprise includes recruits from Apple Inc and Google. He’s also called upon the services of the former CEO and Chairman of Glu Mobile, Niccolo de Masi, to lead operations and act as the President of the company. He joined this venture back in November.

Enterprise, as the hardware venture has been named, is out on a mission to build a suite of consumer hardware products, catering to both the smartphone and smart home market. The primary goal of the company is, however, to build a large, high-end and bezel-free smartphone that can compete with the likes of Apple’s iPhone and Google Pixel. But, it will not be powered by an already existing OS as the company’s registration documents stated that is also working on a new “computer operating software for mobile phones”.

And since the mission of Rubin’s company is to go up against Apple and Google in the smartphone market, thus, he has added to his all-star team a couple of experienced marketing and communications personnel. Enterprise brought on board Magic Leap’s former CMO Brian Wallace and VP of Public Relations Andy Fouché to head their respective departments. Rubin, who is making a re-entry into the hardware ecosystem, has assumed the role of Chief Executive to lead this effort.

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