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Hard times are in no mood of bidding goodbye to Twitter, even as its top executives continue to leave the administration of the social media platform. Coming at a crucial time when the company is trying to pull itself out from a bog of layoffs and drowning share price, the exits are bound to hurt even more.

Yesterday Lara Cohen, Twitter’s head of entertainment talent, left the company and the very next day, that is today, it’s director of finance David Bicknell, bid goodbye to the company as well. Cohen was one of the most important Twitter executives and and led many of its partnerships with content creators. Bicknell was more of a mid-level manager, still both the departures are a set back and will leave the company attempting to find suitable replacements.

Twitter chose to remain silent in the context.

Lara Cohen tweeted:

Hey pals! I’ve got some personal news . . .

She added:

I’ve made the extremely tough decision to move on from Twitter.

Whereas David tweeted;

Today is my last day at @Twitter. It has been the greatest privilege to have worked alongside such exceptional humans. Thank you!

In consideration of Twitter plying its luck on the prospects of video content and its dire need of securing a financial resurrection after the loss of $143.6 million in Q4 2016, these departures may serve to hamper growth for the firm.

Cohen and Bicknell are just an extension of the long list of  Twitter executives who have made their exit in the past year. Others in the list are:

  • VP of Human Resources, Skip Schipper
  • VP of Communications, Natalie Kerris
  • CTO Adam Messinger
  • VP of diversity and inclusion, Jeffrey Siminoff
  • VP of Commerce and Global Media, Nathan Hubbard
  • Product VP and former TellApart CEO, Josh McFarland
  • COO and unofficial company mascot, Adam Bain
  • VP of Global business development, Jana Messerschmidt

Right now, Twitter seems to be riding on a roller coaster that keeps moving downwards. When executives leave a firm, the product and business development of the company gets hampered which has the result of jolting faith in the company’s growth resulting in further more exits.

There is certainly a very strong need of investing into bringing some good executives to their squad who may boost the morale of remaining employees and breathe new life into the company.

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