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Facebook is used by billions of users at a single point of time. The website is a major platform for socializing and interacting virtually. But, you might currently not be able to stalk your exes or know updates from your favorite band as the social media giant is currently facing a downtime. And this raises some significant concerns, especially for those in Europe.

The issue is currently being faced by users in Europe and seems to crawl towards the United States as well. Facebook addicts expressed their outrage on other social platforms, especially Twitter.

DownDetector reporting the matter stated that Facebook has been having intermittent downtime since around 4:00 AM ET, while the issue reached heights around 4:30 AM ET. During the same time, over 1000 people submitted outage reports.

There has no response from the social media giant as of yet and no significant cause seems to have surfaced for this outage. The issue is affecting both mobile and desktop version at the same scale.

The downtime gradually migrated towards Asia – particularly Malaysia and Indonesia – and Australia. However, the intensity there is not as much in regions like Germany, Hungary, etc.

The same issue was seen in some regions the last week. The matter except for intervening Facebook access is troubling the News Feed of the users. Facebook Downtime has traveled a two-hour long journey and is yet to be acknowledged by the Facebook team.

We have a keen eye on the matter and will update you if any information comes out. Till then wait until the red spot stops hovering around you. Till then, here’s how users were found responding to the situation on Twitter:

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