Digital business and professional services company Cognizant has announced a digital business ‘collaboratory’ in Melbourne— a facility that will provide technology, a dedicated space, a structured innovation process and expertise to help clients work with the company and its partners.

The collaboratory— third, after Cognizant facilities in Amsterdam and New York—will enable clients and partners to design, build, prototype, and test innovative technology and digital solutions.

The emergence of innovation and startup culture promoted by the country-wide universities has helped Cognizant choose Melbourne as a prime location for its facility. As a direct result of setting up a base in the state, the company will be hiring for 100 positions for the collaboratory.

Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade, Government of Victoria, Philip Dalidakis, says,

Cognizant’s new Collaboratory opening in Victoria is a huge vote of confidence for our local tech sector and the growing talent pool we have here. To have another world leading digital company chose Melbourne as its operational base for Australia cements our reputation as a magnet for tech and business investment.

At the opening ceremony of the collaboratory, Cognizant hosted a workshop that used technology to help customers and audience see what Melbourne will look like in 2030. Dalidakis added when inaugurating the facility,

Cognizant’s new collaboratory opening in Victoria is a huge vote of confidence for our local tech sector and the growing talent pool we have here.

The workshop presented Melbourne with its people, places, services, and events on a single platform and the prospect of creating a safe and environment-friendly ecosystem of vehicles that will enable each other to understand location, speed, and direction.

Cognizant’s head of digital business (Asia Pacific and Middle East) Dr. John Burgin, said,

We’ve learned that success in the digital economy means balancing new technologies with a deep understanding of human wants and needs. Our collaboratory in Melbourne will bring the Internet of Things to life and apply artificial intelligence to deliver brand new experiences for people. The collaboratory integrates these elements in a practical creative space that will help our clients and partners innovate securely and quickly.

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