After a good amount of skepticism from EA over the chosen time period for releasing the game, Battlefield 1 has turned out to be a massive success for DICE. And to continue this strong momentum, the World War I inspired shooter has received several free updates and content such as custom games, tweaks and the Giant’s Shadow map. The first major paid expansion pack known as They Shall Not Pass is merely a couple of weeks away for all of you season pass owners. It’ll be packing in brand new maps, multiplayer modes, and the French army. Amongst all this, there will also be new weapons that’ll be coming to the game, and it appears they’re now available to PC players.

While organising a Community Test Environment on PC, DICE is giving Battlefield 1 players an early look at the upcoming weapons included in the expansion pack. Based on reports, the expansion will include a total of 11 new guns, though to be fair, some of those are just variants of other weapons. For example, the new Lebel Model 1886 is listed twice due to it’s Infantry and Sniper variation. In addition to that, three new melee weapons are now also up on the CTE server with the inclusion of the crude nail knife, the brutal trench fleur, and the cogwheel club.

Separate from the weapons in the base game, these new weapons will not be unlocked through class rank and warbonds. Instead, DICE has shoved in a similar system as seen in previous Battlefield games, where players will have to complete certain challenges first in order to unlock a particular gun. While a lot of the weapons will have a specific kill amount requirement with an original weapon from the base game, there’ll also be secondary challenges that range from reviving a certain number of teammates, to other unique actions such as using the flare to perform a certain number of spot assists. The new melee weapons can be unlocked after earning 50 kills with any equivalent melee class base weapon such as the trench knife, shovel, or club.

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