Project Fi is now testing voice calls using the LTE technology. Google has confirmed the same via an announcement and the service is being rolled out to a section of Google Project Fi users, even as we speak. As per an announcement on the Google Product forums:

Some of you have noticed this already, but over the past few weeks we have been testing VoLTE with a subset of Project Fi users.

In case you are not certain about whether or not you ar one of the lucky few, simply watch the network signal indicator whenever you are making or receiving a call. If it starts showing LTE at the time of the call, voila! You are one of the lucky members of the subset that have received the feature. Otherwise, it will show HSPA as usual.

The test had apparently been taking place since a few weeks, but it is only now that it has been noticed and Google has released a public statement confirming the same. Google also outlines a few benefits of VoLTE calls:

  • Higher quality calls over data – without using any of your data allocation.

  • Faster data browsing during an on-going call.

  • Faster call setup

In case you are unaware of it, Project Fi is a mobile virtual network service that has been formed thanks to Google’s collaboration with network partners like T-Mobile, Sprint and U.S. Cellular. Since Google’s service does not depend upon a single carrier, it can switch network operators to give its users the best possible experience — leading to better connections.

The service is however, quite premium and is limited to a few Google Android phones, including the Pixel, Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X. However, it is probably fair to assume that the company could go with a wider roll-out, if the tests appear to be successful. VoLTE meanwhile, is limited to T-mobile network and as such, will be available to users only when they are connected to that particular operator.

Let’s see if Google goes with a wider roll-out, now that testing is well underway, in the near future. Meanwhile, you can know more about the service by watching the video right below:

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