Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa offers connectivity to Google accounts and is capable of performing related tasks. But, the assistant is now being updated with support for Microsoft’s Outlook calendar. This update will link the platform with Hotmail, and Office 365 accounts. Hence, checking your schedule becomes handy with the calendar update.

To connect your Microsoft account with Alexa, open the settings section in the app. Select a preferable Microsoft email service and enter your login details. At a time only a single account can be logged in if you have separate Microsoft accounts. However, you can set up both Google and Microsoft accounts simultaneously. You can even set a default account for adding new events.

The update does not require the installation of any certain version of the app, neither does it require upgradations in your Alexa-powered devices. The update has been released as a support in the background.

Support from Outlook calendars are available for both iOS and Android platforms and can also be enabled through the company’s web page. For enabling the calendars through web, tap calendar under the settings. You can there choose a Microsoft account, you wish to work with.

Commands like “what’s on my calendar?” or “add an event to my calendar,” will easily be worked through your selected Microsoft account. However, integration of both Google and Microsoft calendars will be boon for Alexa users in future.

Apart from it, Amazon recently rolled out Alexa Voice Service (AVS) across U.K and Germany, enabling seamless voice interaction also in Deutsch and British English language. This means that users in the three markets (including U.S), who own any connected device powered by the Alexa Voice Service, can now use it with the complete range of Alexa skills available in the market.

Though Alexa was initially functional only on Amazon Echo devices, however now the service can be accessed through a few specific apps as well as connected devices. Extension of calendar support further increases its usability.

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