At the Recode Media Conference, Apple talked abour the script of its upcoming “Planet Of the Apps” and also released a short trailer for the same. Judging by what could be seen from its trailer, the show appears to resemble escalator pitching with a few interesting twists and turns here and there.

From the trailer, it appears as if companies like Uber and Yelp, startups that have made their way and stand near the top of the ladder, will provide guidance to the final few teams from the competition. This is important, as they could end up becoming investors in these applications as well. While developers would be receiving access to funding and mentor-ship for some of the biggest startups around, these companies could well be opening new avenues of interest from themselves through this show. So basically, everyone wins.

What’s more, they will also be liable for interaction with a bunch of successful celebrities and judges — including the likes of Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Gary Vaynerchuk. Finally, VC firm Lightspeed Venture could  be among those to join the game and invest in the best apps.

And of course, the finalists will receive preference on the app store and their applications will be featured once the show goes on air. From what we know, the show will air on Apple Music, although the date when it will finally go live in unknown at this point in time. Apple has already finished shooting at a set that reportedly, was built near Hollywood and dismantled following the conclusion of the shoot.

Now here comes the interesting part, in typical VC funding fashion, each of the participating teams will have 60 seconds of time in order to convince the judges that their app is the real deal. This kind of format is usually known as elevator pitching and is a popularly used concept to decide upon VC funding. However, the production company involved in this shoot has made some changes and hence, what we have is a show in escalator pitching format.

Meanwhile, we leave you with a short trailer of the upcoming show to watch, right below. Do let us know what you think about it.

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