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LG will unveil its next flagship device, the G6 at the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona, Spain. As we march closer to the launch, we are getting certain about smartphone’s features. As per the latest source, LG G6 will sport a new upgraded Quad DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter) chip made by ESS Technology.

Announcing the news for the new 32bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC, LG said the feature will control the left and right sound channels separately. It will also offer better audio balance compared to predecessors by reducing the static noise. This upgraded DAC will convert 0 and 1 digital audio signals to analog via a chip on the phone. Moreover, this version is four times better than the previous chip.

The chip will be functional under a higher circuit integration. The circuit will permit sound distortion rate as low as 0.0002 percent. The Korean giant debuted a Quad chip through its V20 phone with a 32-bit ESS SABRE 9218 Quad DAC chip to better the portable Hi-Fi audio experience. Customers highly appreciated company’s effort towards the audio enhancement and, hence, made the company take the step.

The Quad DAC will allow users to connect the most expensive pair of earphones along with in-ear monitors to headphones. LG is clinging to the headphone jack for the audio generation despite the availability of Bluetooth-connected earpods in the market.

Apart from sticking to the audio jack, the phone might be packed with Snapdragon 821 processor. Though, an updated version Snapdragon 835 is available in the market, the phone might not be able to channelize them in the G6. This is because Samsung has placed its dibs on the 835 processor for its much-awaited device, the Galaxy S8.

In addition to mentioned details, the device will feature a massive 5.7-inch QHD+ display of the LG G6, with an interesting 2:1 aspect ratio called  ‘Full Vision’.  The G6 is also expected to leave its modular strategy behind in favor of a more robust design aesthetic. It is expected to include thermal pipes to prevent the device from overheating, in the wake of recent Samsung Note 7 explosions. LG G6 is also being touted as the first non-Pixel smartphone to bring along the Google Assistant.

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