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Google Home has received more power. The device can now chat about a variety of new things including air quality updates from around the world. Google has added at least 10 such, new services to the Google Home platform, that promise to make the device that much more interesting.

The update marks the total number of additions received by Google, to over 80. While third party Google Assistant conversation actions are only available using the Google Home platform from today, the company is be planning to extend their scope to include Pixel smartphones later this year.

Meanwhile, here is stuff you can get done using some of the new update:

The newly added actions from CNN will allow you to receive a coverage on any particular topic from the publisher. This update is interesting because it will not merely take from recently published news but instead,  will rely on previously performed coverage as well.

Next on the table is the skill that has to do with the world air quality index. The index as the name implies, informs you about air quality in different parts of the world. Data for this particular action is sourced from the World Air Quality Index Project — a project that is able to to provide information about air quality index scores from most population centers.

Computer-aided design company Onshape will now provide provide designers with project updates, the SimilarWeb skill allows you to dive deep and come up with top referrer websites for a keyword, about the costs-per-click rate for a keyword,and finally or the amount of queries for a specific keyword.

Meanwhile. Google’s attempts to load up its AI are part of a wider-drive on part of tech companies to enhance the capabilities of their voice assistant.

  1. Have had Echo since launch and now had the Google Home for almost 2 months. The two devices are very different. With the Google Home you just talk and say whatever you want any way you want. So I might say “hey google start over” and whatever playing will start over. My wife might say “hey google can you restart the song” and it will. But a kid might say “hey google play the song again”.

    With the Echo you have to memorized commands and then use the commands.

    So last night John Wall is killing it and curious is he older or younger than Westbrook. Hey google how old is john wall? It gives me the answer verbally perfectly “26”. It is just incredible, IMO.

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