Peer to peer lending market is growing swiftly in India. It connects a reliable individual in need of money with lenders who intend to invest money online to gain high returns on investment.

Rupaiya Exchange is one such leading Peer to Peer (P2P) lending marketplace. The technology backed platform provides alternative finance.

Rupaiya Exchange intends to increase financial inclusion by enabling common man an access to credit. It enables borrowers to take personal as well as business loan through this virtual marketplace.

They aim to transform the traditional financial system into a quick, cost effective and highly efficient online lending market by eliminating the additional cost that banks and financial institutions charge. Therefore, helping people achieve their financial goals every day.

They provide borrowers with an easy to use, innovative and secure P2P platform for borrowing money online in India. They help them get unsecured Personal Loans and unsecured Business Loans.

Why should lenders choose Rupaiya Exchange?

The platform facilitates lending by connecting creditworthy borrowers to lenders across India. They help the lenders earn high return on investments.

It believes that one has to look for potential borrowers with an approach beyond the traditional gamut of financial numbers and consider the non-traditional data such as social behavior or profile checks including education, schooling upbringing, etc. to predict their repayment behavior.

How it works – for lenders.

With the use of multiple data extraction, analysis techniques, and proprietary scoring mechanism, they score every individual and not rely only on the traditional credit checks. Through the use of technology, they want to provide credit to credible borrowers and bring down their cost of borrowing.

Why should borrowers turn to Rupaiya Exchange?

Founded by Rohan Hazrati in 2015, the venture looks beyond the traditional ways to determine the credit worthiness of borrowers and work on reducing the time taken for disbursement. On the supply side, the venture provides investment options to lenders looking to earn a relatively high risk-adjusted rate of returns.

One of the goals of the venture is to develop products for financial inclusion serving the ‘under-served’ and unbanked population.

The venture is backed by like-minded HNIs and professionals and has grown at an average of 60% month on monthly basis. The total disbursement via the platform stands at over Rs. 12 Crore, which is among the highest in this space in India. It has roped in seasoned professionals as Directors and Advisors for strategic direction and decision making. The core team consists of professional credit underwriters, developers, and marketing professionals.

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