Earlier in January, Google confirmed that it will be releasing Google Assistant updates, integrating features to control and command smart devices from their Pixel devices. And today, the tech giant has rolled out the promised upgrade enabling the voice assistant to control even more smart devices, with ‘Home control’. Prior to this release, Pixel supported Assistant integrations with Belkin, Wemo, and Honeywell.

By upgrading their devices, users would now be able to control devices under the following brands — Samsung SmartThings, Philips Hue, and Nest as well. This makes the count to five, thus delivering a much more capable voice-activated experience.

The voice commands known to Google Home are easily converted by the Pixel phone with in-built translation algorithms. A user can set the temperature, control lights, and master other gadgets through the assistant present on their devices.

According to the report by 9to5Google, Pixel phones running Android 7.1.2, Google Play Services 10.2.98 and the latest beta version of Assistant (6.12.19) will be receiving the update. To initiate this feature, users just have to navigate within Assistant’s settings and find the new ‘Home control’ tab. As soon as the said capability is turned on, your smartphone turns into a hub for products from Belkin, WeMo, Philips Hue, Honeywell, Nest and Samsung SmartThings.

Google is still to detail whether the primary sauce of Google Home will be made available across other Android devices or not. This feature, however, gives an added benefit to Pixel users as they can save up to $130 (Google Home’s price) by enabling this feature. For existing Google Home owners, this update will help control devices in areas of your home that does not have ‘Ok Google’ coverage.

Apart from it, recent reports suggest that the Google Assistant is making its way to LG’s upcoming flagship device — the G6. If this rumor comes to be true then LG would be the very first OEM to include the company’s exclusive voice-assistant into its smartphone. It’ll further rekindle the partnership between Google and LG, who’ve previously worked together on the Nexus lineup.

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