Samsung, Note 7, Battery, South Korea

Samsung and its batteries. The two had an amenable relationship until last year, which was about the time when batteries in the South Korean manufacturer’s flagship Note 7 devices decided to go Kaboom! Months later, Samsung is still attempting to put the fires out and new ones are already coming up.

Earlier today, a small fire broke out at a manufacturing plant located in Tianjin, China. The fire, which occurred in a waste facility, was soon extinguished without any material or other damage. However, Reuters quotes the local fire department which took to social media to announce the cause of the fire:

Material that caught fire was lithium batteries inside the production workshops and some half-finished products.

The plant belonged to Samsung SDI. The firm, which is a subsidiary of the South Korean company and manufacturers batteries among other things, was also the company which sourced the batteries for the Note 7 devices. What’s more, the company will also be equipping the upcoming Galaxy S8 devices with batteries and as such, reports of a fire at its plant are not particularly reassuring.

With that said though, batteries for the Galaxy S8 devices are expected to be very carefully monitored — and not just by Samsung. While Samsung will of course be keeping a close eye on the process, the South Korean government has announced a tightening of regulations in the country recently as well — a rule change that appears to have come in response to the Note 7 fires.

In the meanwhile, I wonder what are folks over at Samsung SDI putting in their Lithium-ion batteries?

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