Nearly two months after the previous release, Vivaldi, the favorite browser for power users has today introduced yet another update. And it can bee seen that this update is also focused on increasing the feature set included in the browser. The #1.7 version update brings along with it native screen capture support, better control over tab sounds, and other feature improvements.

The previous update had been primarily focused on introducing improvements to the tabs section of the browser. It brought Tab Selection, Tab Notifications, and Named Tab stacks to the mix of things. Prior to that, Vivaldi became the very first browser to add support for colour changes to Philips Hue smart bulbs, on the basis on the tab open. Today’s update, on the other hand, is aimed at providing the browser even more edge for professional users.

Starting off, Vivaldi is focused on efficiency, so it is now looking to cut down on your photo capturing and editing efforts by baking a screen capturing tool right into the browser itself. And the company, launched by former Opera CEO Jon von Tetzchne, has completely simplified the process by adding a camera button to the status bar.

You can now tap on the said icon to reveal a pop-up window with several options that have been made available for taking a screenshot. The windows provides you with the option to either grab the complete window or a selection from that page. Vivaldi has also baked in the option to take full-page screenshots. Also, it includes the option to save the screenshot to your disk in PNG/JPEG format or clipboard for seamless sharing to social platforms. It can also be accessed from the Tools menu, as well as other mapped keyboard shortcuts.

Talking about the screenshot functionality, the blog post reads,

Instead of sending a URL to share something interesting on a page or having to go through a long process of taking, saving, editing and only then sending a screenshot, Vivaldi users get a much more powerful and efficient tool – and multiple ways of working with it.

Further, it seems that the Vivaldi team is well-aware of the troubles caused by unwanted noise that’s playing in the background of a browser window. So, this update is aimed at putting in control of your browser experience by further extending its popular feature known as ‘Silent Tabs For Users.’

Earlier, you had to identify background tabs playing unwanted ads, videos or other multimedia and make the same stop with a click of some button. But, the same experience is now being updated as you no longer require to search for that window. You can mute all the background tabs at once. This can also be accomplished using keyboard shortcuts, for example on Mac press Command + E and type ‘Mute’ to view this functionality.

Other feature enhancements introduced in this update includes a warning message for HTTP websites that require passwords, which is less secure than the HTTPS protocol. It also debuts native Mac notifications, customise top-level domains, and adjust the visibility of extensions in the address bar. There is an improvement in access to pinned tabs and instant notifications.

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