Daydream, Axon 7

Google’s Daydream VR headsets are pretty great. However, most people have yet to get a hands on experience of using the headsets and have to take the word of the lucky few who have actually used them. Why? Well, for reasons of its own, Google’s Daydream headsets are severely constrained in the number devices they support.

What’s more, most of the devices that do support the headset for now are premium ones. So, you could have waved the thought of buying a device just because it was Daydream compatible, goodbye. Examples include  Google’s own Pixel phones and Lenovo’s Moto Z line of handsets. So it wasn’t really a surprise that VR fans were awaiting the moment when ZTE’s Axon 7 and Asus Zenfone VR would start supporting the headset.

Well what do you know, the moment has finally arrived. With an influx of Android Nougat into its circuitry, ZTE’s Axon 7 is now the cheapest no-contract Daydream compatible phone on the market. The device starts selling at $400 and to put things in perspective, is a significant bit lighter on the pockets as compared to Google’s Pixel phone (with starting price at around $650) and the Moto Z ($700).

The Axon 7 was actually launched last May. However, without Android Nougat, the device wasn’t really ready. However, with Nougat rolling out to the smartphone now, it is quite Daydream-worthy.

Interestingly, the device has top of the class specs for its price point and the Daydream compatibility isn’t its only USP. For instance, the device packs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 SoC and is configurable with 4GB RAM/64GB storage or even 6GB RAM/128GB storage. You also get a fingerprint sensor and NFC to power secure payments.

The Daydream VR headset on the other hand, costs somewhere around $79. Although if you were to order it now, you could get it delivered with a $30 discount.

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