Logitech has today updated its ‘ZeroTouch’ dash mount launched under its consumer brand name ‘Logi’ about a year ago. The dashboard mount makes it possible to interact with your phone while you are hitting the road. But, you can now use voice commands and gestures for carrying out interplay via Bluetooth connectivity.

The Android app for the ZeroTouch dash mount lets you send texts, make calls, navigate roads, and stream music by automatic detection of the device. The company has solved a major problem of hands-free driving and smashed the market charts.

Following the trend, Logi has also announced the integration of Amazon’s Alexa assistant into the app. While automakers are trying to equip Alexa into their automobiles, this device will enable you to combine Alexa with any car. Also, the company plans to debut a whole new suite of functionality through their partnership with Amazon.

The Alexa integration will allow drivers to ask questions, control smart home devices, and place food orders apart from just providing GPS navigation. The update for ZeroTouch also includes support for reading and sending e-mails as well as accepting invitation just via the app enabled on the mount.

Since the Alexa voice assistant has been available for months, it has now been integrated with numerous devices — which was evident at the CES’17 conference. These devices include refrigerators, smart home robots, TVs, smart assistants, speakers, neck buds, cameras and much more. What makes Alexa and Logi’s ZeroTouch hands-free system combination unique is the fact that it will now turn any low-end vehicle to an Alexa-powered automobile. Hence, it is now the fastest way to add an artificial voice assistant’s services to your vehicle.

Apart from Alexa’s progress in automobiles, Amazon is planning to unveil an Alexa powered speaker-touchscreen combo next year. It will add a screen to an Echo like device, that could be tilted in whichever direction you want, so as to viewing from everywhere. The information comes from people intimately familiar with the matter, who have requested to remain anonymous.

Starting from today, the Alexa update will be offered for free to all ZeroTouch users present in U.S. and U.K. The company has only debuted an Android version of the app as iOS restrictions limit Alexa’s scope to iPhones. The air vent version for ZeroTouch’s dash mount is priced at $59.99 while a dashboard model will cost you $79.99.

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