In 2016, we saw the tiniest of fluctuations in the curved display ecosystem. But, 2017 is expected to completely embrace the said technology. Now, Intel is already readying itself to join this revolution and a patent filing providing insight into the chipmaker’s ambitions has surfaced online. And this time, the company plans to join as a hardware maker rather than just the chip provider for that hardware.

According to the patent filing, initially spotted by The Leaker, Intel has already been granted patents for “an electronic device with a curved detachable display.” In simple words, this means that the chipmaker might be planning to start work on its own-brand 2-in-1 hybrid laptop with a curved screen. Though this won’t be the very first curved display laptop as Acer already has that covered with its Predator 21X gaming laptop but it might surely be the first hybrid with a curved display.

The illustrations in the patent filing (attached above) give us a brief look at what one should expect from Intel’s hybrid laptops. The company is planning to adopt the 2-in-1 detachable screen approach popularized by Microsoft but with the addition of a curvaceous display. Intel has also designed the keyboard to seamlessly flow with the curved form factor of the screen.

The keyboard is as thick as the curved screen and it is speculated of containing another separate battery, storage, and the processing unit to supplement the display when it is connected. The addition of this feature to the concept laptop might give Intel some edge over others, who still rely on minimal internal specs packed inside the display to power the device. They use the keyboard as just an add-on accessory but it’ll no longer be the case as Intel might be working on a technology to better interface the internals packed inside the keyboard as well.

But, we have our apprehensions over design aesthetics as the company is straying from the usual flat bottom of the keyboard. Instead, Intel has decided to opt for a curved bottom for the keyboard part of the laptop as well. This might be troubling for some, who like to use their 2-in-1 hybrids on the move. The design is surely beautiful but we don’t understand what explanation Intel will advertise for the curved bottom.

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