The blockbuster vault in charge simulation, Fallout Shelter was released for the PC players sometime last summer. In line with its original release as a smartphone game a year earlier. And now the game is making its way back to us again, this time as an Xbox Play Anywhere title on the Windows Store. Something about a re-release that makes a game feel slightly more fresh again.

As of yet, there’s been no clear indication of any exclusive or bonus content to come with the new Windows 10 edition. But considering the fact that it is a Play Anywhere game, players will have the ability to operate seamlessly between the PC and Xbox One versions of the game. And both system will share their saves, in-game progress, and any earned achievements between them.Further on, Microsoft states,

[It has also been] fully adapted to work with the Xbox One controller, so players can experience Vault life bigger and better, right from their TV.

This upcoming Windows 10 version of Fallout Shelter will be going live on the Windows Store on February 7. But something that will bother a majority of PC players is that there’s still absolutely no sign of the game appearing on Steam. The original PC release still requires the use of Bethesda’s own launcher.

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