The nostalgia-driven AR-focused mobile game, Pokemon Go, instantly gained popularity after its launch back in July last year. This was the very first game that pushed individuals to get off their couch and stroll around the neighborhood to capture Pokemons. It was also the first game to break numerous download and average user time records. Topping off this success, Pokemon Go is now being credit as the fastest game to achieve $1 billion revenue.

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According to app analytics firm Sensor Tower, Pokemon Go has become the fastest-growing mobile game in history in terms of revenue. It combines both Android and iOS numbers to give some context to this report. It also corroborates a previous report released by App Annie, which said Pokemon Go was nearing $1 billion revenue numbers. The analytics firm said the game touched revenues of $950 million during 2016. The said report had then added,

Pokemon Go’s beloved intellectual property, simple mechanics, real-world augmented reality gameplay, and perhaps most of all, its social nature.

Further, the report helps us realize the importance of this milestone by comparing the growth of Pokemon Go with another popular mobile game ‘Clash Royale.’ The said game developed by Supercell has managed to bring in over $550 million in revenues in the first seven months since its launch in March 2016. Also, to those unknown, Tencent is a majority stakeholder in the said gaming company and has acquired the same from SoftBank last year.

But, Niantic Labs in collaboration with Nintendo has developed a gaming phenomenon, which has blazed past the records to become the highest-grossing game in just six months. While the game is nearing the said billion dollar mark but the daily worldwide revenue has now diminished. During its launch, the game brought in a massive $18 million in just a single day. But, Niantic is now

During its launch, the game brought in a massive $18 million in just a single day. But, Niantic is now raking in a maximum of $1.5 to $2.5 million per day. Sensor Tower says that it is also being made possible due to still active competitions, in-app purchases and a loyal fanbase, which is expected to get a boost in the coming days.

Niantic Labs is still continuing its international expansion, with a recent launch in South Korea that follows its Asian intervention. The firm is also focusing on introducing new features, second-generation Pokemons, holiday games and a dueling mechanism to improve Pokemon Go. We’re all aware of the fact that the initial traction surrounding the game has died down and this will help revive the same. But we cannot say the same for sure.

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