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You might no longer be restrained to sharing just a single photo of your recent trip to the beach on Instagram. The photo-sharing platform, which has amassed 600Mn+ active users, is now bringing along one of the most-requested features. The latest Android Beta, version 10.7.0, is testing the addition of multiple photos to one single post. And we cannot be more excited.

First spotted by Droid Life, this feature extends a capability that was already available on Instagram to a wider audience for testing purposes. You might have noticed the existence of ‘carousel’ ad posts on the platform, that allow you to scroll through different photos available in a single sponsored post. The same is now no longer restricted to advertisers, it is being tested for a rollout to the entire community. This has been available to advertisers since March 2015.

On its part, Instagram has tried its best to keep the functionality of the multi-photo album feature as simple as possible. The Verge confirms the existence of the functionality saying that you don’t have to tap on a photo to select it. Instead, you will now be required to long-press on photos to select multiple images.

Once you long-press a photograph in your gallery, a prompt appears instructing you to select up to 10 or more images in one go. Then, this is wonderful and I applaud Instagram for adding this functionality to multi-photo posts. You’ll have the ability to apply a single filter to all the photos you’ve selected or apply different filters to each photo before posting everything in a gallery form. Also, users will be given the option to like individual photos in this gallery post.

Over the last couple of months, Instagram has aggressively copying features from Snapchat, rolling them out and amassing active userbase larger than the platform they copied. There have recently been reports that 150+ million users are posting Instagram Stories on the daily. It is steadily gaining momentum and finally testing the wider rollout of a feature that’s their own. We’ve reached to Instagram for more details on the said test feature in the Android Beta.

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