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A bad news for all those third-party QR code and bar code scanning applications on the iOS app store. World’s most popular Internet browser, Google Chrome is rolling out a brand new update which incorporates an in-built QR code and barcode scanner for your iPhone. This app could be accessed through the Apple’s 3D Touch on the apps icon or by inputing “QR” through the spotlight search.

The shortcuts mentioned could be applied for scanning a QR code, but the ability of Chrome’s scanner extends way ahead, and it may also scan those barcodes which are associated with specific products to provide you with a bevy of options associated with the product. Once you scan the product’s barcode through the scanner, you will be directed to a  Google Search results page for that particular product, where you read product reviews, check prices and other details.

There have been rumors that the QR codes were outdated or dead. However, its acceptance by some eminent brands like Snapchat, Kik, Messenger and certain food labeling has revived them once again. Apart from them, Amazon s also adding QR codes on its packaging for baby products as well.

But, is this reason sufficient enough to have a separate scanning app installed in your iPhone? Many doubt it.

The limited adoption of QR code’s has always prevented smartphone developers from completely incorporating the function of QR code scanner into their OS, which is actually a very simple add-on feature. The iPhone’s QR reader is actually present inside the Wallet app, used for scanning boarding passes, tickets and similar stuffs.

The in-built scanner of the chrome will prevent the iPhone users from the necessity of having separate QR scanning apps or barcode scanning apps installed in their phone. The updated Chrome is now available for the iPhone.

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