The blockbuster sci-fi RPG series, Deus Ex, is now reportedly “on hiatus” with the developer, Eidos, currently working on a fresh new Guardians of the Galaxy title. This is all in accordance with Eurogamer’s sources.

This alleged Guardians of the Galaxy game is reportedly “in the early stages of production,” according to Eurogamer.

When just a few days ago, Square Enix officially announced its partnership with Marvel, both the companies did mention that it was for multiple games, so Guardians of the Galaxy could very possibly be one of the other ones. When the big news of the Square Enix-Marvel partnership became public last week, Kotaku senior editor Jason Schreier tweeted that Eidos was currently working on the Avengers game and “another” title which was also based in a Marvel franchise.

A Guardians of the Galaxy title from Telltale is currently under development and is reportedly scheduled to come out later this year. So far, no official release date has been announced, but launching the game close to the new movie, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 which is coming out in May, would seem to make sense.

The upcoming Avengers title from Eidos and Crystal Dynamics is still a significantly long time off, it seems, as Square Enix recently stated it won’t even consider talking anymore about it until 2018. That’s also the year during which the new Avengers film, Infinity War, will be coming out. Presumably the new, unannounced Guardians of the Galaxy game would come out even later.

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