Google employees across all of its United States’ campuses are rallying vehemently against US President Donald Trump’s recent executive order, that bans entry for citizens of seven particular Muslim countries.

If reports from various western media sources are to be believed, CEO Sundar Pichai, who is an Indian American and hence an immigrant himself, spoke to the rally. Interestingly, both Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page have also spoken, with the former already spotted at one of the protests at San FranCisco over the weekend.

Here’s what Pichai said to the crowd : (Source : TechCrunch)

I see many leads from Google here today. We spent two hours this morning talking about all of this. There’s a lot of work which remains to be done. I think it’s important we stay the course and achieve an outcome. I think to do that we all need to learn to reach out and communicate to people from across the country. And I think it’s really important with anything like that we take the extra step to reach out, to have a dialogue and that’s what leads to right outcomes too. But really I think today is about hearing from other voices. We’ve spoken up but I think it’s great to hear the stories so hopefully there will be more and the fight will continue.

Brin too talked about how he came to the US from what was then the country’s largest enemy in every sense — the Soviet Union. Here’s what else he said :

It’s a debate about fundamental values, about thoughtful policy making and many of the other things that I think are apparently not universally adored, but I think the vast majority of the country and of our legislators and so forth support, and I think it’s important to frame it that way and to be inclusive about it,” Brin said. “Sometimes it might be difficult because I know we have many, many values here that are not necessarily universally shared but I think these are really special times and I think it’s important to form friendships with many different people.

As of now, the rally is still going. Here are a few tweets from Googlers, under #GooglersUnite :

We’ve reached out to Google for a statement and will update the story as soon as we receive one.

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