Square Enix has definitely not become one of, if not, the biggest game development studios in the world only by developing the Final Fantasy series. Now it’s known that Final Fantasy 15 was a massive success, but the immense popularity of that built franchise has actually helped provide Square Enix with a kind of financial safety net to take risks on other endeavors.

Despite the developer’s long history of triple-A partnerships, one more being formed was far too low on the list of things gamers could have expected from Square Enix’s promise of an exciting reveal yesterday. Instead of any Final Fantasy anniversary news or the official announcement of yet another sequel to any one of Square’s many successful series, gamers got a much more thrilling announcement – Square Enix is actually teaming up with Marvel, and this massive partnership is being formed to develop a series of Avengers games called the Avengers Project. All aboard the hype train.

And as per reports, the development of the first game in this series, and possibly even more of them, will be handled by Crystal Dynamics, the team that was responsible for the Tomb Raider reboot we all loved that rocketed Lara Croft back into gaming relevance. Additionally, Crystal Dynamics will have help from Eidos Montreal, the studio that most recently developed sci-fi first person shooter, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. 

The combination of these two big development teams should spell a possible bright future for the Avengers Project, although it’s not been made clear yet if those studios will be remaining as the primary developers for the rest of the games in this deal.

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