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With the newest edition of Google’s instant messaging mobile application, the company has now inherited a functionality of its search engine. The company has introduced a new feature named “Lucky”.

Lucky is a feature which does the same thing when you press “I’m feeling lucky” button on Google’s search engine page. However, with Lucky, you get a GIF which is applicable to the word you type.

To use the feature, you can simply tag @lucky in any message thread, followed by the phrase you would like it to translate into GIF. Then, the bot will parse the input text and will retrieve an appropriate animation.

The usage of the feature is quite similar to what you see on Google Keyboard’s GIF search or Slack command. While we haven’t checked the bot yet, those who have received this feature reports that it is very basic.

However, Lucky is not available for everyone right now. As per several reports, the bot is showing up for some users and not everyone. But, the feature should be coming to all iOS and Android Allo users in the coming days, so long as the latest version of the app is installed.

The Artificial Intelligence powered Google Assistant can do several things such as search the web, tell you jokes, or tell you what’s on your calendar. Since its launch, it has grown with addition of new features, including the recently added ability to speak German, Hindi, Hinglish, and Brazilian Portuguese.

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