The Tumblr mobile application is all set to let users add stickers and filters to photos and videos that a user uploads. The resultant creation can saved on the device and shared to platforms apart from Tumblr as well.

As of now, the Yahoo-owned company has offered 100 stickers across a range of categories like symbols, objects, sunglasses, frames, and text like “yes” or “OMG,” none of which actually brings any novelty to the photo sharing space, however, Tumblr’s introduction will get its users some new stuff. The feature can be accessed by clicking on the face icon while clicking a photo from their iOS and Android apps. The update is expected to reach all users by Wednesday.  The company will also continually update it’s sticker base based on holidays to make stickers relevant to what it’s users are actually sharing.

The platform will also be looking to explore stickers as a monetization scheme, like Snapchat does with specialized filter creation tools.

Tumblr, the home of endless GIFs, is also attempting to differentiate itself from the scores of social platforms like Snapchat and Instagram that have already incorporated the stickers tool by adding a touch of 3D aesthetics to it’s stickers, thereby providing a retro feel to it( much like the other Tumblr designs).

The company seems to have taken a step in the direction towards maintaining it’s ‘mojo’ among it’s target audience- teenagers and youth. In 2015, it had rolled out it’s now popular GIF tools and the text overlay tool in 2016. The Tumblr users were also given the option to chat on IM in November 2015. And now, with the ability to add stickers and filters, Tumblr’s new app is almost as complete as its peers.

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