faraday future, ff 91

Faraday Future, the touted Tesla rival, can’t seem to get the company out of continued troubles. The automaker has now been alleged by one of the largest visual effects studios for skipping on their hefty $1.8 billion payment. The latter has also filed a lawsuit against them saying that it has failed to receive compensation for the promotional graphic presentation it prepared for Faraday Future.

According to documents obtained by Jalopnik, the automaker contacted design studio ‘The Mill Group’ in August last year to design certain aspects of their FF 91 presentation at CES. There is currently no information on what part(s) of the presentation were altered graphically. It is also possible that some of the features shown off in the video were visual effects and the company isn’t quite there yet.

Sources, on the other hand, say that The Mill Group produced a 3D car presentation for the company. This had been prepared to generate interest and show off the vehicle to other respectable individuals. The document states the requirement from Faraday Future as under:

[Faraday Future asked The Mill to produce a graphic presentation complete] with virtual reality, augmented reality, and holographic components, to promote the January 2017 launch of a new electric vehicle deployed by Faraday.

Further, The Mill Group adds that the automaker has agreed to pay them a total of $1,822,750 for the designing aspects of the promotional video. But, according to the complaint, only a mere $20,000 has been dispensed to the design studio by Faraday Future. The Mill Group is also saying that it made repeated requests for the fulfillment of payment but in vain. The same has been described in the lawsuit document as under:

Faraday has repeatedly acknowledged that it accepts the sums owing to The Mill and its intention to pay. However, despite repeated requests for payment and promises by Faraday to pay, funds have not been received. Instead, Faraday has only paid $20,000.00 to the Mill, leaving a total outstanding balance in the amount of $1,802,750.00.

The said complaint hasn’t received any public opinion from the automaker. But it certainly adds to the negative public opinion that is being formed around the company. And the biggest blow is that they haven’t even made it to the market yet.

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