No, this isn’t coming from a rival tech publication who doesn’t like more players in. Of course we do, we want newer platforms to come up and change the way Indians have been stuck to perceiving and reading “technology” news.

So when one of India’s leading publication houses, Indian Express Group told us about the launch of a new gadget-focused (strike 1, right here) tech platform, then you build certain expectations. But, building out a tech-focused platform isn’t as easy as it comes.

And as we have said, ‘’, simply fails to impress.

Called, the platform has gone live with the aim of simplifying smartphone decision-making. The said platform boasts of being the first technology platform sporting a stack-based and card-based UI in India. But is it, really? You can scour the interwebs for gadget sites and most of them would’ve adopted card design for better content visibility. And that’s true for even Indian content platforms.

The website, however, scores some much-needed points on the website loading speed, uncluttered content and ad-free services front. The platform scores major points for not including any annoying pop-ups and ads (well done!) There is little or no lag but the design instead of feeling refreshing seems to be a theme slapped on with logos and branding.

Further, Techook has also adopted a strategy similar to everyone else blogger in the country. The platform yet again propagates and caters to the smartphone needs of the populace, for the onslaught of views. We’re all aware of how hardware-centric (be it smartphones, laptops, and cameras) our country is. And now it seems that we have another platform to cater to exclusively their needs — a niche cluttered with several bloggers. While there are other out there, who’re willing to at least take the risk and change this herd mentality.

Speaking on the launch, Sandeep Amar, CEO, Indian Express Digital, describes the platform as under,

Techook is one of the most innovative media launches in India. The design and UI is totally unique, along with the most comprehensive analysis of each and every feature and specification of mobile phones (to begin with). Techook will make decision making for buying mobile phones easier than ever before.

The platform has also detailed their strategy for placing extensive focus on smartphone reviews. The team has a 7-day scheduled plan which will focus on ensuring information credibility and providing data-backed reviews. The smartphones will undergo rigorous testing to provide a numeric rating to each product for generating a comprehensive performance report.

Techook states it will never cut corners to generate impartial ratings in favor of user interest. And it seems they’re really planning to gain a major advantage over other platforms. In addition to comprehensive reviews for each product, the story is also coupled with a video. And it seems Techook is planning to promote itself in the video content field from the start. It sounds like an avenue which Techook can expedite to set itself apart from similar gadget-focused tech websites.

Talking about the same, Amar adds,

In this digital day and age, technological adoption is no longer a choice. This also reflects in how Techook is designed. We have conducted exhaustive market research and user feedback surveys to create a platform that met and exceeded the expectations of the new-age user. With this launch, we are now one step closer to cementing our leadership status in the tech journalism segment.

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