Twitter is attempting to come up with all sorts tricks and tips to ensure that the ball keeps rolling. The platform is currently working on a brand new feature which could identify your Best Friend Forever. This new update will highlight the tweets from a single selected account which Twitter think you will like to see. So, in the next couple of days, the tweets of one special person could automatically find its way to your timeline.

This seems similar to the Twitter’s recap feature “In Case You Missed It…”which helps you catch up all the tweets from the accounts you frequently engage into or the ones which Twitter finds worthy of your attention. And just like the “In Case You Missed It…” feature, the new “BFF” feature could also be dismissed when it shows up. In this way, you may notify Twitter that you want this feature coming up to you lesser often.

The San Francisco based social networking giant also notified that the feature is currently ongoing a test with selected users for iOS, Android and the web.

The account which will be labeled as your BFF will be selected on a variety of signals. For instance, how long and how frequently you engage with the account under consideration. Same other features will also determine whether Twitter will show you this feature at all.

The platform, which started off as a chronological feed of information, has gone miles now in terms of features and popularity and is still going to huge lengths to discover new ways of increasing likes, tweets and retweets on the platform.

In fact, Twitter is now making changes in its earlier algorithm of the chronological news feed, and is rearranging the contents at display. With its latest feature, the lesser important tweets are suppressed and the tweets from more frequent accounts are pushed up on the screen, for your glimpse once you return from being away for a while.

We don’t know how successful Twitter has been with its test and we are still unclear about the exact criterion of identifying the tweets you may like to see. But still, one thing is certain — we cant wait to meet our Twitter identified BFF.

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