The Microsoft Garage launched its bookmarking platform ‘Cache’ just a few months back. The service further evolved from the OneClip app to Cache. It was introduced in an effort towards organizing digital stuff by providing people with a visual clipboard.

The app allowed users to drag text snippets, images, web pages, files, URLs, notes, etc. and displayed them instantly on the user’s phone. The mentioned Garage project was thus experimental in nature as Microsoft has now killed the service.

The official website for Cache made the news public and stated,

Over the course of this year, we learned that there was an appetite for a service like Cache, but more importantly, your feedback taught us a lot about the extent of the challenges people have with managing and organizing their work.

Moving forward, we won’t develop Cache as a stand-alone product anymore, and we will shut down the Cache service on the 28th of February, 2017.

But, we shouldn’t lose hope from the app just yet. It is possible that the service may have found a new home in other Microsoft products and services. Though Redmond has shuttered the service, it is yet to provide a statement behind the move. The blog further noted that all garage projects are experimental by definition and the experience gained will further be channelized in future.

Apart from it, Microsoft is majorly focused on its AI assistant, Cortana embedding it into every upcoming device and gadget. These gadgets include the Android lock-screen as well as premium vehicles. It’s also possible that the platform might use the Cache service in future due to its much-needed usability. It will most likely be integrated right into the Microsoft Edge browser. The developers thanked its users and thus concluded the blog post saying,

Thanks again for trying an early version of Cache and contributing to the next generation of products that reinvent productivity.

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