Cast your mind back to when online casino games were first launched in the 1990s. Gaming and gambling fans were excited that the games were being made available in this new brave new realm of ‘the world wide web’, and the quality of the graphics wasn’t a big consideration when it came to contending with the challenges of dial-up internet connections.

After all, this was an age where we were quite happy with gaming graphics along the level of Snake! In fact, the thought of complex graphics slowing down an already slow internet connection simply wasn’t acceptable.

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Fast forward to 2017 and the digital landscape has changed beyond recognition.

Now, staying ahead of rival companies when it comes to the technology used in online casino games is crucial for gaming companies attracting new players. But is anything more important in that respect than graphics?

Quality over Range

Take mobil6000 casino as an example. The operator boasts over 270 slot games, and many of those are in 3D, with graphics clearly at the forefront of the gaming experience. Operators like Mobil6000 have sacrificed the size of their range for quality, offering a more refined range of games that are more advanced in terms of graphics and gaming experience.

Is this the right approach in a fast-moving world of graphic development where gamers also continue to demand a uniform gaming experience across different platforms? And do the two needs conflict with each other?

Does a ‘Uniform Experience’ Trump Graphics?

When online casinos first appeared, there was only one platform on which to play them: online on a desktop computer. There could be compatibility issues regarding Apple versus Windows, but this was very much the most commonly seen challenge when it came to providing a uniform experience. When it emerged, mobile phone technology was reliant on WAP browsers, which offered limited capabilities and weren’t exactly conducive to online gaming.

Nowadays, compatibility is far more of an issue. Players want to be able to access the same game across a range of different devices, with smartphones used for ‘pick up and play’ gaming and laptops or desktop computers used for the same game in a slightly tweaked format, perhaps allowing for additional features.

Has this need for compatibility had a negative impact on the development of graphics in the industry? Is compatibility King, rather than graphics?

The quick answer is ‘no’. Take the example of Mobil6000 and their 3D online slots. These games are now an established and exciting part not only of desktop play but of mobile gameplay as well. Mobil6000 have actually been specifically lauded in the industry for putting mobile players on a level footing with desktop players.

In fact, the continued development and standardization of technologies such as 4K definition or ultra HD has encouraged online casino developers to push boundaries when it comes to graphics, ensuring that the need for compatibility only enhances the path for graphics to go down.

Is VR the New King?

Improvements to standard graphics may have become a trend thanks to the need to ensure uniformity of playing experience, but there is one big change looming over the horizon that could potentially change this relationship.

Virtual reality gaming was once mooted as a wonderful idea unlikely to come to fruition, but it is now seen as the future of online gaming. At the moment, uniformity and compatibility may well be a priority, but this may be compromised when the need for individuals to feel like they are at a casino and playing slots or roulette becomes more pressing thanks to virtual reality games.

So, will this trend towards VR put the brakes on the development of graphic-led games on mobile and desktop, threatening its position at the top of the tree?

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Well, for all of the positives that VR boasts, players may not necessarily want to pick up a headset and plug into a VR game whilst they are enjoying a coffee break or just looking for some ‘pick up and play’ fun on the train.

On top of this, there is still a threat that unless the potential presence of nausea can be overcome for those taking part in VR games, they won’t stand a chance of reaching a truly mass audience.

With this in mind, the strength of good graphics that work consistently well across a range of platforms should still triumph when used intelligently by operators like Mobil6000 against the onslaught of ever more realistic but inherently flawed games, meaning that, in answer to our initial question, yes, graphics in gaming truly can be considered King!

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