The Republic of Estonia has today announced the launch of an E-residency programme in the country in partnership with ‘The AntiAlias’, a digital marketing agency. This E-residency programme will allow any business, start-up or freelancer based in India to set up an Estonian company online within a day.

The company operations such as managing accounting records, declaring Estonian taxes online, digitally signs and transmitting documents can be done from anywhere in the world along with administrating the same.

The concept of this programme is to offer a location-independent business offered by the Republic of Estonia by providing a transnational digital identity to the interested parties. The programme is introduced in order to boost up Estonia among the top businesses destinations.

The process for setting up an online company, the user has to register and apply on the official Estonian website. The partnering agency ‘The AntiAlias’ will be responsible for promotions and marketing of the programme in the country. The Estonian Government mentions that it is among the very first countries to offer an E-residency programme to Indian nationals. The government spokesperson further added,

In India, it has been proved time and again that good ideas spread the fastest by word of mouth. E-residency would be especially beneficial for companies which already have a base in Europe, but could save them time and money thanks to Estonia’s business-friendly bureaucracy and tax environment.

Estonia is a preferred business location as the government offers 0 percent corporate tax along with low startup and maintenance costs. To maximize the profits and attract much more investments a business can channelize benefits of EU Single Market’s harmonized rules. Being one of the most digitized countries and having e-government strategies, the country will certainly pull Indian startups and businesses.

Shivam Sood, Co-Founder of The Antialias agency  further commented,

I think this is a great opportunity for all entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes to have a global presence for their business. The opportunity to start a business in the EU has immense benefits for anyone with a global mindset.

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