Galaxy Upgrade Program, Note 7

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 investigation probe had reached its conclusion last month. And we’ve since been waiting for the results to be made public. But sources aware of the cause listed in the investigation report are more anxious compared to us. And they’ve outed that Samsung is citing battery issues as the root cause for the repetitive explosions.

Citing a person familiar with the investigation, Reuters further mentions that the Korean giant will finally release the results of its report on January 23. And the cause of the fires will be listed as the defects in the battery, not the hardware or the software. Also, Samsung has chosen to detail its finding a day before it announces the fourth-quarter earnings results — which will uncover surprising profit numbers despite the Galaxy Note 7 fires.

Previously, other hardware experts who’ve examined the Galaxy Note 7 had concluded cramming of components as the primary reason for explosions. They were of the opinion that the phone’s battery didn’t have enough breathing space to expand over time. Under pressure, this resulted in the two oppositely charged layers, separated by a polymer, to come in contact and the smartphone overheating beyond control. And we all know the next step — kaboom!!

As for the explosive 2016, Samsung has been trying to put this nightmare in the past. The release of the investigation probe to the public will enable it to redeem itself. The company has already apologised for this massive technical failure through a full-page advertisement. But this time, it will direct these directly to the shareholders and media present at its earnings call meeting.

Samsung also needs to rehabilitate its image and assure consumers that such a massive — 2.5 billion+ Galaxy Note 7s were recalled — failure won’t occur in the future. The company is, thus, aggressively working on the development of its upcoming flagship device – the Galaxy S8. It has also decided to switch battery suppliers as a precautionary step. It has reportedly joined forces with LG Chem for this release.

As for the Galaxy S8, the smartphone might be shown off at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona but is scheduled to launch towards the end of April. The phone will be available in two variants, sporting large phablet-sized displays — to please Galaxy Note 7 users. The phone is going to be powered by the latest Snapdragon 835 (10nm processor) coupled with 8 GB of RAM and a whopping 128 GB of internal storage. It will also introduce its first ever AI assistant Bixby and a front autofocus camera.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Galaxy Note 7 explosion results and the Galaxy S8 rumors, leaks and the official release.

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