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Tech behemoth Apple appears to have set its eyes on streaming media and may be about to make an attempt to start offering original shows and movies. Apple is said to be making deals with “triple-A- list” talents so as to create a full array of shows and entertainment pieces. The same will allow it to better put itself on competition with other successful media companies like, Netflix and Amazon.

These media companies have successfully launched popular television shows like , ‘House of cards’, ‘ Jessica Jones’ and ‘ Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’, despite originally being tech majors. Apple looks to be mulling over taking the same route for its media designs as well.

At the Sundance Film Festival last year, Apple created an iTunes Lounge where it hosted events exclusively reserved for film makers, producers and other talents. At the event, attendees said that Apple was ‘definitely talking to the talent’. Rumors were that the company’s executives had traveled to Los Angeles to hear ideas for original television shows.

Meanwhile, Apple is not a complete stranger to this market. It already has two known television projects in its works. One, which has yet not been officially announced and is said to be a project related to Apple Music, is called ‘Vital Signs’. The second is a non-scripted television show that would throw light over the app economy and was announced in March.

But according to sources, the tech giant has yet not decided upon an organized, coherent strategy for its television plans. It is taking a “two-lane” approach to original television programming by producing a series of short films, documentaries and music videos to promote Apple music while also developing Netflix-style original shows side by side.

Meanwhile, it might just interest you to know that Apple is not the only company to be taking a dive in the entertainment business. Google, Facebook and Alibaba have all made investments in Hollywood content. Google’s YouTube has launched a new “originals” division that is pairing its’ home talent with television producers and filmmakers. Facebook  on the other hand, is persuading celebrities to perform live-stream videos on its dais. Similarly, Alibaba is licensing and developing feature films.

Well, tech corporations are everywhere now a days, and no field is beyond their reach. This collaboration of tech companies and artists and talents to take the media industry by storm, will most certainly be a pretty interesting thing to watch.

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