Tata Group is mulling over the decision to set up a regional office in South Korea, reports Chinese publication Chosun. This office space will be occupied by the company’s telecom affiliate in the country. They’ll work on the construction of a data center and further extend its reach into the connected car ecosystem.

According to the said report, Tata Teleservices, a subsidiary of Tata Group, plans to establish its offices by end of this month. It also plans to register itself as a telecommunication carrier in the country by March. The company is currently scouring for a domestic telecom partner to complete its business registration process in Korea. The company has already held talks with KT and LGUplus, the second and third largest mobile carriers in the country respectively.

In addition, the telecom subsidiary is also looking to participate in the mushrooming connected car ecosystem in South Korea by building out data centers in the country. To collect and analyse data collected through the sensor/camera suite attached to self-driving vehicles, we need the essential processing power. The advent rise of these futuristic vehicles will also require massive amounts of storage space for the collected data.

And the Tata Group is willing to make a push into the connected car space to enable automobile and tech giants with the same. Speaking on the set up of the data center, a Korean telecom official says,

The establishment of a data center in Korea by Tata Group is likely to be a preliminary preparation considering the penetration of connected-car business, which is essential for data processing, in Korea.

For those who’re unaware of the Tata Group, it is one of the oldest and largest Indian conglomerates. It was founded back in 1868 and now its total capital stands at about $100 billion. It employs a whopping 660k people across 29 verticals including communication, food, steel, automobile, chemical, and electronics. In addition, the conglomerate already had a presence in Korea, thanks to its collaboration with the commercial vehicle manufacturer Daewoo.

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