Sports lovers are in for a treat as one of worlds leading sports and entertainment company ESPN has updated its iOS app on Tuesday. The new update features easier ways to watch video contents on Apple’s platform by including single sign-on feature and Chromecast support.

The latest versions of ESPN and WatchESPN will now come with single sign-on feature. With this feature, you can authenticate your TV provider just once and then you may access paid video contents in ESPN’s apps without signing in to each. The iCloud Keychain ensures that the single sign-in feature work across all iCloud connected device.

The single sign-on feature was launched about a month ago for for AppleTV and iOS platforms, but that hasn’t been very successful.  And soon after the launch o this feature, ESPN’s parent company  Walt Disney incorporated it in its Watch Disney and Watch ABC apps, and now ESPN is next in the thread.

In case you desire to watch the contents on your TV or prefer a Google device, well, you are in luck because the new iOS app from ESPN supports Chromecasting. The company’s stream-focused app WatchESPN was already equipped with this feature on both Android and iOS platforms, however, watching this in the normal ESPN app is very pleasing. This allows you to handle the video being streamed on your Chromecast connected device, like TV, directly from your iPhone or iPad.

In addition to the new video features, there are a few catchy in-app twerks as well. The Video Docking feature allows you to swipe down the playing video to the bottom of the screen, for ease of using rest of the app. The Australia Edition provides latest AFL news coverage, while the redesigned Golf Leaderboard is for enhancing your golf watching experience.

The new editions of ESPN and WatchESPN, which are version 5.5 and version 1.9.8 repectively, are both available on the iOS App Store.

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