Being a professional, we’re well aware of the need for a quality video conferencing solution that provides a clear audio and video experience to enable us to contact our peers on the go. Google, under its productivity service G Suite, hands down two tools – Hangouts and Chromebox for Meetings – to connect with individuals and partners without compromising on the quality.

But, the tech behemoth is now looking to work on further enhancement of the same with the acquisition of a 10-year old Swedish company Limes Audio. It has been recognized as one of the leading providers of technology that works on making voice communication systems on the interwebs sound better. The company focuses on providing quality audio service regardless of the bandwidth of the internet connection and now Google wants to expedite the same to improve the experience for its enterprise customers.

Talking about the same in a blog post, Serge Lachapelle, Director of Product Management, Google Cloud, says,

With G Suite customers now relying on video communications for their day-to-day meetings, it’s more important than ever to ensure low-cost, high-quality audio. We’re excited to work closely with the Limes Audio team to introduce new solutions that offer our customers the best online voice quality on the market.

Headquartered in Umeå, Sweden, Limes Audio was launched in 2007 with the goal of developing technologies for speech enhancement that was based on a research in the field of acoustic echo cancellation and noise reduction. This research was carried out at the Blekinge Institute of Technology where the founders pursued their Ph.D in applied signal processing.

This means that the company aims to deliver a crystal clear audio experience free of echoes, noise, or glitches. It has been providing partners with its solutions, namely TrueVoice to enhance the quality of voice communication over an internet connection. Google can also employ this technology to further improve the listening capabilities of its recently launched smart product — Google Home. It would be beneficial for the device to pick up voice commands even when it is being used amid a chaotic environment.

Speaking on the acquisition, Fredric & Christian, Founders of Limes Audio in a f message on their website, say,

We are now very excited to join Google, where we will pursue objectives in line with our passion and continue to work towards all voice conversations sounding equally loud and clear, regardless of the distance or environment.

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