CES has been flagged off, and so have been, the multitude of tech advancement announcements that we are hearing. 5G was always supposed to be a tech, which will garner much attention in CES this year, and boy it has. It all starts with Intel, which has just announced world’s first ‘Global 5G Modem’. AT&T too, though a tad behind Intel, has announced its own 5G evolution plans.

Announcing the modem, Intel’s lead of Communication and Devices Group Aicha Evans, talks about how 5G will impact billions of connected devices across the globe, and how Intel’s global 5G modem will help accelerate that development.

5G will enable billions of “things” to become smart through seamless connectivity, massive computing power and access to rich data and analytics stored at the edge of the cloud. In doing so, 5G will change the way we experience life in our homes, our cities and the world around us. It will erode the boundaries between the physical and digital to deliver rich new experiences and valuable new services,

she said

Coming to the hardware which comes packing inside Intel’s Global 5G Modem,  it is the world’s first global
5G modem to enable initial 5G spectrum trials and deployments worldwide with a baseband chip that
supports both sub-6 GHz and mmWave bands.

Supporting ultra-wideband operation and enabling multi-gigabit throughput with ultra-low latency, the modem pairs both with Intel’s sub-6 GHz 5G RFIC and 28 GHz 5G RFIC to deliver a global reach across the key bands of interest for 5G systems.

Intel’s new 5G transceiver is the first 5G RFIC will support both sub-6 GHz and mmWave spectrum. It
joins, and works with, the mature 28 GHz RFIC announced at Mobile World Congress in 2016 as part of
the Intel® Mobile Trial Platform. It can even interwork 4G/5G connections.

Trials for the Modem start in the second half of 2017, while the 5G RFIC is expected to sample in the first half of 2017.

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