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With the Galaxy Note 7 debacle in hindsight, Samsung is now steadily working on building a massive feature base for its upcoming flagship device — Galaxy S8, which is slated for a release in April 2017. The rumour mill has been churning out speculations like crazy and the latest report suggests that the Korean giant is planning to borrow a significantly different functionality from Windows and porting it over to the Galaxy S8.

Windows-focused publication AAWP has got its hands on a leaked slide, which most likely belongs to the Galaxy S8 presentation, details this new feature that resembles the desktop-like Continuum experience on Windows smartphones. This functionality enables the users to connect peripheral devices, including a monitor, keyboard and mouse to their phones and convert it into a full-blown desktop computer.

A similar setup has been described in the leaked slide from Samsung, where it has detailed pointers that’ll enable the users to take their mobile experience a notch further with Android-based desktop experience and multi-tasking. This functionality will even allow the user to connect peripherals to the Galaxy S8 wirelessly –  something missing in Windows 10 Mobile and requiring an add-on device. This will, however, not be the first time an Android phone maker is trying to emulate the Continuum feature. Motorola already tried to implement continuity in their smartphone in early 2016 but in vain.

There is currently no word on how Samsung plans to implement the feature in amalgamation with TouchWiz-based Android OS. But AAWP believes that the Korean giant has tweaked the functionality of the software to switch between single and multi-window modes based on whether it is connected to a monitor or not. The slide further suggests that the phone might still be available for use independently even after being plugged in for extended functionality.

Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the most highly anticipated smartphone releases for the current year. The Korean giant is now banking on the release of this phone to save it from the sparks of the Note 7 which are still burning within a user’s conscience.

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