Cortana, Microsoft

As we are readying ourselves for CES 2017, there has been a gamut of announcements and teasers going all around the internet. The latest we got our ears on is something involving Nissan, a day before it is all prepped up to deliver its keynote at the tech conference.

The automaker took to Twitter to subtly tease Cortana being a part of its announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show on January 5 in Las Vegas.

Nissan, part of the Renault-Nissan alliance, is keeping mum about what-is-yet-to-come. So, we can only speculate what Nissan is about to reveal. Considering the fact that Microsoft teamed up with Volvo to introduce Skype for Business in Volvo’s 90 series cars and the latter mentioned exploring possibilities of bringing Cortana to its cars, we might, well, guess the news.

The most likely scenario is the incorporation of Cortana into its vehicles. We are intrigued to know how this will be implemented and whether some novel features will be launched. Last year at CES, Microsoft had partnered with Harman to bring Office and other productivity features to their cars, which, however, didn’t happen, so this adds on to our already building anticipation.

Microsoft is evidently driven to bring Artificial Intelligence to a variety of devices and services. This is understandable as it had revealed plans to allow toasters, refrigerators, and a host of connected devices to access Cortana. It now allows third parties to unveil products and devices with Cortana.

The Redmond giant is also collaborating with Harman Kardon to unveil its upcoming range of Cortana-powered speakers at the said electronics trade show in the coming days. Over the past year, other technology behemoths have already ventured into the smart home speaker space but Microsoft has been missing in action. But will now Microsoft be treading the path Amazon and Google set on with Amazon Echo and Google Home respectively? Will it introduce its own set of speakers following the third-party association with Harman? CES, we can’t wait. Just commence already!


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