With all the conversations flowing around, speculating and discussing the new updates and features in the Windows 10 build (14997), one of the biggest leaks that has become the talk-of-the-town is GSOD. Yes, a Microsoft enthusiasts discovered this in the Insider Preview build, which has been leaked on the interwebs.

So, instead of the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) or the blue screen that invades your system’s regular screen after a system crash, an updated Green Screen of Death (GSOD) will now pop up and greet you with errors. Microsoft employee Matthijs Hoekstra confirmed the change on Twitter adding this is only for the Insider preview participants.

Microsoft had last updated the BSOD with QR codes, years after adding a frowning face for Windows 8. It is uncertain as to why the tech giant brought up this update for the new build but the most likely explanation is — to differentiate between Production and Insider releases. More likely, it will help the tech giant provide support to Insiders as they will simply be able to ascertain whether the user is running a test release or a Production build.

Formerly, there was no way of finding if a user is running Insider builds on the BSOD, so, undoubtedly the change in color is going to be quite helpful. Many Windows 10 preview participants keep on posting issues like BSODs publicly on blogs or social networks, so GSOD will also facilitate Microsoft to easily identify them during the test phase.

The company does not plan to roll out any new builds until next month and has put its public testing of Windows 10 on hold for the ongoing festive period. The leaked build also consists of options to enable Cortana during the initial PC setup phase, a F.lux-like blue light reduction feature, traces of an Xbox Game Mode, Microsoft Edge tab improvements, and app folders for the Start Menu.

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