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Indians have shown a remarkable interest in the Internet lately. The number of Indians using the Internet for the very first time has enhanced incredibly. But with this bunch of potential users comes a huge responsibility of guiding them to the proper use of the web, and Google is keeping an eye upon the happenings.

And to our luck, these people are showing an active interest in programming and coding application. According to a Google representative, the search phrases questing after mobile development courses have mounted 200% year on year in the last two years. In fact there are now more people in India than in United States looking for mobile development courses.

Apparently, India has surpassed the United States in terms of search queries associated with mobile development courses, said Google. In a press release Google said that a larger part of such searches were coming from Karnataka, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. These are also the states with highest literacy rates in the country. Citizens of other states such as Uttar Pradesh and Bihar have also shown interest in coding and programming.

Uttar Pradesh, the most populated state of the country, has shown a mount of 70% over such queries over last one year, whereas in Bihar the count has increased up to 158% year on year. India’s surging interest in coding goes in parallel with the increase in searches regarding education which people have made by the last year. In fact the vocational training courses itself account for up to 40% of total educational searches.

Peter Lubbers, head of Google Developer Training said,

We have seen tremendous response across mobile developer courses from India, with 16,500 students enrolling every month taking up Android development, mobile web development and learning new cloud based technology courses.

Well, this could be seen as a humongous opportunity for a third world nation. The increased Internet usesrs will be highly profitable to the economy and will also lighten the burden of unemployment on the back of the nation. India currently has 350 million internet users and is positive to have 730 million people online by the year 2020.

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