With India’s smartphone market growing at a steady pace with an installed base of 275 million devices, Chinese smartphone makers are continuously trying to gain market share. Brands like Xiaomi, ZTE, etc. have already grabbed attention in the market with their budget lineups and seen massive sales. Following the trend, Oppo is now planning to open up an Industrial Park in Greater Noida, India.

The said industrial park will include an in-house manufacturing unit for Oppo and will spread over 1,000 acres of land. The company would be investing about $216 million which is similar to the company’s park in Dongguan,China. Further, the agreement signing press conference for the park is scheduled for January end as said by Li, vice president for Oppo.

Apart from the industrial park, the company will also be opening a surface mount technology (SMT) centre in India expected to open up by late February. The centre will boost up the smartphone making capacity for the Chinese manufacturer in India. The company claims to have a market share of 8.8% which is expected to increase after the park opens. Talking about Indian smartphone market, Li commented,

We are very confident about the Indian market. Yet, at the same time, we are not going to focus on short term gains or chase volumes. We believe in setting a trend, something we did with the selfie cameras in our phones,We are also very patient with the Indian market. We want to grow by focussing on solving problems for consumers.

Similar to its rivals, the company will now focus on young and fashionable people, though for the purpose company will need to market its product over online channels too. For now, the company focuses only on offline market and has to learn the price game to beat the competitors.

The industrial park is expected to complete by 3 years and aims to have a capacity of 50 million units which will further to 100 million in future. Speaking on products for 2017, Li said,

Unlike many other companies we do not pursue high volume of shipments or scale of our enterprise…but we focus on creating strong products for users…We are creating a trend for the industry and many are following our footsteps on the selfie functionality. Our positioning (in the market) is correct and precise, and that is giving credit to our market research.

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